Scrotox is the latest scientific development in body perfection. Botox which has been used for many years to defy the signs of physical ageing to the face. Women and many of all ages rely on Botox to reduce wrinkles and make the face look younger and more youthful.

Where did Scrotox originate from?

Scotox which simply combined Scotum + Botox to create the name Scrotox. Scrotox was first developed in the United States and have now found its way to the U.K with the first few aesthetic clinics in London starting to offer Scrotox to its patients.

Scrotox for Aesthetics / Health / Wellbeing

Initially most men adopted Scrotox to help reduce the wrinkles in the scrotom as well as making the scrotom to appear larger. However other benefits of Scrotox were quickly noted such as: Decreased Sweating

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